Keep Your Home Tidy When You're Away

Schedule professional property maintenance services

Your house doesn't stop existing just because you aren't living in it. While you're away, it will continue to collect dust and develop potential problems. Turn to Dean & Co to make sure your house stays in tiptop shape so you don't come back to a disaster. We provide dedicated property maintenance services to keep your property clean and get it ready for your return.

If you want help with general housekeeping, we also provide ongoing cleaning services. Find out more when you contact us today.

We don't stop at just cleaning

You'll rest easy knowing your property is in professional hands when you hire Dean & Co. When you choose us for property management, we will...

  • Inspect your property to make sure it's functional and give you a report of any potential problems
  • Vacuum and dust every room in your house and clean every high-touch area
  • Make sure your house is ready for your arrival with clean laundry, fresh sheets and a stocked fridge

We'll work with you to make sure your home is how you want it when you return. Set up property management services by calling 208-720-3906.

No mess is too tough

With 40 years of cleaning experience, you can rely on Dean & Co to clean up any home or office. From old building materials to sawdust, we can clean up all kinds of messes and take care of general housekeeping and post-construction cleanup work. No matter your situation, we'll make sure your house is clean and pleasant.